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This agreement is made and hereby entered into, on this day, ________________by and between Heartís
Promise Sheltie Rescue, and  ___________________________________ hereafter referred to as Adopters.   The
dog described below will hereafter be referred to as ďDog", or "The dog", or "These dogs". The purpose of this
contract is to ensure that adopter provides this dog with the best possible care and treatment throughout itís

Breed:  Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) or other breed as noted here___________(Mix) , or purebred
sheltie_________ .  The dogs Color_______________  Sex:________ .  Age of dog at adoption: _____   DOB:
__________  .  The adoption will be in the  consideration of a donation of $ ________; Heartís Promise Sheltie
Rescue agrees to allow the Adopter to adopt this Sheltie / Sheltie (mix) or other breed, known in our records
respectively as:  _______________ Under the terms set forth in this contract, and Heartís Promise Sheltie Rescue
warrants that at this time and to the best of our knowledge, this dog is:  ______ years old, is current on shots, is
heartworm negative, has been wormed, has been groomed, is taking Sentinel or Interceptor Heartworm
Prevention on the _________ day of each month, and is micro-chipped.
Adopter understands and agrees to abide by the following terms of adoption:
ē If, within one month, for any reason, you decide this dog is not right for you or your family, you may return the
dog to Heartís Promise Sheltie Rescue.
ē As of this date _____________, of the adoption, Adopter agrees to assume all medical expenses, food costs,
grooming, and any and all other costs associated with this dog. If the dog needs veterinarian care within 30 days
of this adoption contract, other than a standard wellness visit, the adopter agrees to pay for the veterinarian
care themselves and contact Heartís Promise Sheltie Rescue as to the nature of the veterinarian visit and
treatment required.  Heartís Promise Sheltie Rescue will honor, in good faith, the health of the dog at the time
of adoption but will not pay for, nor reimburse for any veterinary services performed outside of our present
program agreement.
ē The Adopter agrees that ownership of this dog is not transferable. The Adopter agrees that if for any reason
he/she is unable to continue to house and care for the dog, or if he/she should decide that he/she no longer
wants to keep this dog, that he/she will immediately, contact Heartís Promise Sheltie Rescue and, at adopterís
expense, return the dog to Heartís Promise Sheltie Rescue.    In the case of a long distance adoption, it is the
adopterís responsibility to transport the dog back to Heartís Promise Sheltie Rescue in a safe and approved
manner, or make further arraignments with Heartís Promise Sheltie Rescue and Mike LaMont for safe transport.
ē Adopter agrees to treat this animal in a humane and loving way at all times, and to make sure that anyone
temporarily caring for this dogs will do the same.
ē Adopter understands that Heartís Promise Sheltie Rescue normally requires a fully fenced-in rear yard or
designated secured areas, except on special requests.   Invisible fencing is not acceptable.  Shock collars are not
acceptable training methods or containment for the dogs.  Adopter agrees to return this dog to Heartís Promise
Sheltie Rescue immediately if they ever choose to live in a home that does not have a fully fenced-in yard or
special Ďsecureí designated area in agreement with Heartís Promise Sheltie Rescue.
ē This dog is never to be allowed off a leash when they are outdoors, if it is not in a safe fenced-in area.
ē The Adopter agrees to provide this dog (s) (and all other animals he/she owns) with proper veterinary care as
is recommended by his or her veterinarian, for the rest of each animalís life. This includes Rabies vaccinations as
State required and the prevention of parasites, and fleas and ticks. Adopter also agrees to keep this dog on a
monthly Sentinel or Interceptor heartworm prevention and a flea control program, as necessary, throughout the
dogís entire lifetime. Heartís Promise Sheltie Rescue does not recommend, after the first booster shot, yearly
vaccinations, but does recommend vaccinations every 3 years until the age 9, then none, then no further
vaccinations, except Rabies as noted by each state. The adoption dog is due  ______ /not due______ for any
vaccinations. Please do not give Heartguard unless the MDR1 gene test from Washington State University is
completed to determine if he/she can tolerate Heartguard. Please do not give Heartguard until that test is done.
Rescue suggests that he/she be started on Sentinel or Interceptor (not Triflexis).  Thank you.  For addition
information on the MDR1, please contact Heartís Promise Sheltie Rescue.

ē Adopter understands that Shelties are a very shy breed, and are a great "runaway" risk during their transition
into their new home.  Adopter agrees that if this dog were to get loose, and become lost, adopter will contact
Heartís Promise Sheltie Rescue immediately.  Adopter agrees to follow the search instructions provided by
Heartís Promise Sheltie Rescue.  Adopter agrees to provide any and all resources needed (both financial and/or
otherwise) in the search and recovery of the dog.
ē Adopter agrees to have an ID tag made and attach it to the dogís martingale collar. Adopter agrees to make
certain the dog wears its martingale collar with ID tag at all times.  The information on the tag should include at
least your phone number.  Adopter agrees to make certain ID tag always has current information on it.
ē Adopter agrees to license this dog according to any state and local ordinances.
ē Adopter agrees to feed a wholesome, premium dog food like Core Wellness, Orijen, or Fromm, and have
fresh, filtered water available at all times.  Generic dog food, store brand dog foods (Walmart, Dollar Store), or
other no-name dog foods are not considered premium foods.  Some of the rescue dogs will require a no grain
food diet or a reduced fat diet and the proper food needs to be given based on the rescueís direction.  If in
question as to the quality dog food brands or proper nutrition, please contact Heartís Promise Sheltie Rescue.
ē This dog is being placed with the strict understanding that the dog is going to a private home, to live as an
indoor pet.   This means that this dog will be inside adopterís home to be part of the family.  This dog may never
be left outdoors, except in a secure fenced in yard or large kennel area, and under supervision at all times.  If
you are not home the dog can never be left out alone, unattended. Active doggie doors that will let the dog out
on its free will, while you are not home, are not acceptable.  The dog must be supervised at all times when
outside to run and potty.
ē Adopter understands that Heartís Promise Sheltie Rescue will never place a known biter or a dog that has
shown aggression. However, the Adopter must be fully aware and hereby understands that any dog may bite if
provoked, or if scared, sickened or injured and the adopter will not hold Heartís Promise Sheltie Rescue liable in
any way as a result of the dog being put into a situation that results in the dogs aggression due to a situation that
is not caring for the animal.    Therefore, Adopter agrees to use caution when allowing any strange adults or child
to be near this dog.   Adopter further agrees to never allow anyone to run up on, threaten, squeeze, poke, step
on, or otherwise pose or perceive a threat to this dog. 
ē Adopter understands that no one can predict what medical or temperament problems a rescue dog may have
in its lifetime. No one from our organization may guarantee anything other than the current health and
temperament of this dog at the time of its interception into our rescue program. 
ē The Adopter agrees that he/she is not acting as, or in part of any agent in the purchase of this Dog, and that the
Adopter will not sell this Dog to any other person, agent, or pet store.   The Adopter agrees, with this contract, to
accept personal and financial responsibilities for the adoption dog and all the care that is needed to provide a
caring and loving home for the dog.
ē Heartís Promise Sheltie Rescue reserves the right to enforce this contract in order to protect the welfare of the
adopted dog. It is understood that Heartís Promise Sheltie Rescue may and will make inquiries about said dog at
any time to make sure that all is going well with the adoption process.

ē If for some reason the terms and conditions of this Adoption Agreement are not upheld, Heartís Promise
Sheltie Rescue reserves the right to reclaim the dog, if we feel that the dog is in danger or not being taken care
of.  Also, if for any reason the owner passes away, and the family is responsible for the care of the dog they are
required inform Heartís Promise Sheltie Rescue of said passing.  If the family cannot care of the dog, then the
dog shall be returned to Heartís Promise Sheltie Rescue.  Further, if it is found that adopter has violated this
contract by giving or selling this dog to a third party or has compromised this contract as written, the adopter
agrees to pay any and all reasonable costs incurred by Heartís Promise Sheltie Rescue to recover the dog and
bring the dog back to the rescue program.
Heartís Promise Sheltie Rescue
Mike LaMont
219 E. Meyer Avenue
New Castle, PA  16105.

The adopter must realize that many of these dogs originated from less than desirable live conditions or
other circumstances that have them homeless.  Our foster homes work with the dogs to ensure they are
well cared for, brought back to heath, socialized, happy and have adjusted to living in a loving home and
having a family.  We want this wonderful life and happiness to continue for each and every one of our
dogs in their new forever homes. This is why this contract is so binding.

I accept that, to help defray Heartís Promise Sheltie Rescueís expenses for rehabilitating and any and all
medical costs for the dog by the following adoption fees.
ē Puppy to 1 year old: $375
ē Adult 2 to 9 years old: $325
ē Senior 10 years old and older: $200
ē Case by Case, No adoption fee: $0

I affirm that no legal charge for animal abuse has ever been made against me or any immediate
family member.


I have read and understand the complete ďAdoption InformationĒ provided by Heartís Promise
Sheltie Rescue and here in this contract and all conditions presented in this contract.


I acknowledge that all the information contained on this form is true and correct. I understand that any
misrepresentations of fact may result in the reclaiming of the adopted dog by Heartís Promise Sheltie
I have read and understand this entire agreement, and do hereby agree to ALL the above terms.

Adopterís Name___________________________________

Adopterís Signature_________________________________

Adopterís Street Address__________________________________

City:_____________________________  State _______________  Zip____________________

Home Phone_______________  Work Phone __________________ Cell__________________

Date________________   Adopterís Drivers License number: State____Number:____________

Signature of the Heartís Promise Sheltie Rescue volunteer and reprehensive upon acceptance on this contract:

Heartís Promise Sheltie Rescue representative, completing this contract
Heartís Promise Sheltie Rescue Coordinator